The mission of Groove Learning Center is to nurture the "whole child" in areas of
physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development. This is achieved by
providing a variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate and recognizes the
individual needs and differences of children. Through Christian principles and
teacher-assisted and directed activities, children are encouraged to be independent
thinkers and life-long learners.


Groove Learning Center has a tri-fold purpose. The first purpose is to provide a ministry
to the children of Groove Learning Center and to the families in the community. The
Center seeks to provide a spiritual environment with Christian leadership to help
children grow and develop into mature Christian individuals.

Secondly, Groove seeks to provide an environment where parents can feel comfortable
and secure leaving their children, knowing they will receive excellent care in their home
away from home.

Thirdly, Groove seeks to provide opportunities for children to grow and develop through
exploration and experimentation with various learning materials and activities; activities
that are stimulating, age appropriate, and enhance spiritual, social-emotional, physical,
and intellectual development


Groove Learning Center's Staff


Pricing for per-kid!

  • Summer Activity Fees 2017
  • Before 6/5       After 6/5
  • Twos($40 - $50)

  • 3's, 4's, Pre K($65 - $75)

  • Public K, 1st($100 - $110)

  • Public 2nd - 5th($200 - $210)

  • School Age Activites: Rough Riders, Swimming, Obstacle Warriors, VBS, Movies, Bowling, McDonalds...
  • Two's - Pre K. Special Events: Petting Zoo, VBS, Magician, And visit from Fire & Police...
  • All Ages: Dance, Storyteller, Kinder Music, Water Days, 10th Anniversary Party
  • Fall Activity Fees 2017
  • Before 6/19       After 6/19
  • Infants($100 - $110)

  • Toddlers($120 - $130)

  • Twos($130 - $140)

  • 3's & 4's($145 - $155)

  • Pre K($155 - $165)

  • School Age($100 - $110)

  • Annual Fees must be paid for each child by August 18, 2017. Be sure to prepay your fall fee by 6/1/17 and RESERVE your spot for fall if your child will be out for Summer.
  • Groove Learning Center Tuition
  • Full Time       Part Time
  • Infants ($213/week)

  • Toddlers ($173/week)

  • Twos ($153/week)

  • Threes ($143/week)

  • Pre K ($143/week)

  • Before & After ($93)

  • After School ($75)

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